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Join The Home Team

Are you ready for a program you can stick with?  Over 90% of our members show up every week. 

You can be one of them!

You'll have an experienced Physical Therapist guiding you and helping you to individualize your experience.

About half of our Home Team Members join the Livestreams and workout together.  The other half log into their dashboards on their own time.

Robin and the BeFIT crew bring nearly three decades of Physical Therapy and specialty certifications to every class and workshop.

You'll join a group of people who are getting stronger, improving flexibility and staying active without worrying about injury.

After each class, Home Team members have a chance to ask questions and get answers.  You'll have an experienced Physical Therapist guiding you and helping you to individualize your experience.

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited Live Stream Classes - We use 2-way video, so you are always seen and supported by an experienced Physical Therapist.

  • Member Only dashboard with access to all recorded classes On Demand, a community forum, and online workshops.

  • 400+ workouts already On Demand and at your fingertips

  • Safe and effective workouts you can do at home, in the office, and on the road.

  • Weekly Online Office Hours with Robin, so you can make course corrections in real time.

  • Tips, inspiration, and accountability.

Let's get moving together!

What People Are Saying:

My back and overall fitness have been greatly improved by doing the home team workouts and the 10in10s, the latter especially while traveling. The flexibility of being able to do the workouts on demand has worked really well for me, and Robin excels at coming up with routines to get to the different muscle groups. She gets a 10 …even out of 5 stars!


I have to say that I was a little skeptical that Robin Dufour’s exercise classes could do much to help me heal my terrible knees and painful shoulder. I’d had trouble with my knees since I was in college and just figured I was stuck not ever being able to go up the stairs pain free. Over the past year and a half, I had regular sessions with a PT for knees and shoulders. My PT guy is wonderful, but the pain improved only a little. A dear friend of mine raved about her own progress since she started taking Robin’s classes. She is much stronger than I am. I was surprised by her reaction, because after the first classes, I said to myself: “This stuff is WAY too easy. These classes cannot possible help me.” But I kept on. It was really fun! After just over two months, I was running up three flights of stairs to catch a train and I realized I was actually *bounding* up those stairs. Not only was I completely pain free, but I was not even remotely winded! …I’d been in pretty good cardio shape before, but it didn’t occur to me that having stronger legs would make running up stairs so much easier! (D’oh! 😜😝😜) Also, I am able to sleep on the “bad” shoulder and lift 6-pound weights above my head on both sides, now. I am stunned at how fast my progress has been. Having folks show up at the same time twice a week keeps me honest, too. I am eager to see the faces of the other participants in the group. In between Tuesday and Thursday sessions and over the weekend, I take advantage of Robin’s huge archive of full-length classes and her 10x10 videos, that provide ten moves you can do in ten minutes. As Robin says: “Who doesn’t have ten minutes to devote to exercise?” I love Robin. I love the classes. I love what they do for my endurance, strength, balance. Also, did I mention that these classes are the most affordable synchronous classes I have seen online? These classes are totally worth the investment. I hope you try her out!


Robin is a gifted teacher, a trainer as well as a very experienced physical therapist. This 45-minute class online worked just as well as in person. It covers all the different muscle groups and makes me feel energized and positive for the rest of the day. Because of these twice-weekly classes, I move through my days with a sense of strength, balance, and flexibility.