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Because of Robin’s online zoom classes, and the 10 in 10's, I actually feel stronger and more resilient now than before the pandemic.

- Elizabeth W (NYC)

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5 Live Stream Classes Each Week

  • Monday - MELT Method
  • Tuesday - Strength Balance & Flexibility
  • Wednesday - Quick Workout
  • Thursday - Strength Balance & Flexibility
  • Friday - Open Office Hours
  • Each class is available on demand

You will also receive:

  • Member Only dashboard with On-Demand classes, a community forum, and education.
  • Weekly Online Office Hours with Robin, so you can make course corrections in real-time.
  • Tips, inspiration, and accountability.

About Our Instructors

Robin Dufour, a Physical Therapist/Entrepreneur, empowers people of all ages to overcome their struggles with recurring pain, fitness, and injury.

She approaches each situation with enthusiasm, persistence, and a keen sense of humor, crafting individualized and science-based programs for each person or group. 

In these uncertain times, she is creating new and safe ways to deliver quality care, connection, and stability.

Her goal is to help individuals, families, and teams become experts in their physical wellbeing so they can enjoy a healthy balance in occupation, life, and play.

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I had a total hip replacement last Spring and Robin helped immensely in my recovery even though we live states apart. Taking advantage of FaceTime virtual coaching sessions, the CoachNow app, and countless training videos, Robin worked with me to strengthen my muscles and eradicate my limp that had been learned over time. And when I have other needs pop up through my recovery, Robin continues to assist me and keep my body moving through movement classes via Zoom. Couldn't be happier with Robin's level of knowledge, professionalism, and support all the way from the Berkshires. Thank you, Robin. 

R.S. (Maine)

These workouts are exactly what I’ve needed!  Due to COVID, Robin adapted her studio workouts to Zoom workouts allowing me to take advantage of her amazing program.  The stretching and strengthening of targeted muscle groups releases the tension that common, everyday activities build up.  I feel great after her workouts!

K.S. (Maine)

I look forward to each session. Robin’s philosophy - everything is connected to everything - makes the exercises feel organic and in sync with what my body is craving. I'll stick to my classes with Robin even when one fine day the virus will be history.

C.A. (Eastern Mass)

It is great to know that I can access Berkshire Fitness Company even when I am out of state. Robin's classes are clear, easy to follow, and she creates a really warm and fun learning environment that sometimes makes me forget I'm not in the room with everyone. I have had a chance to meet people from all over the eastern seaboard and look forward to my classes each Tuesday and Thursday. I highly recommend it.

Christine (Maine)

Robin is a master of efficiency. Each routine incorporates multiple muscles for a full-body workout in just 40 minutes. I have more strength and better balance in my 80s than I did in my 20s! 

- Judy R (MA)

I am so grateful to BeFit for Zoom classes that focus on balance, movement and strength training. Robin gives clear directions that are easy to follow, and she always explains the benefits of each exercise. After a year of classes, I feel stronger and even more motivated. BeFit has given me an exercise program that I totally enjoy!

- Madeline C (NYC)

Because of Robin’s online zoom classes, and the 10 in 10s she offers, I actually feel stronger and more resilient now than before the pandemic.

- Elizabeth W (NYC)